In their attacks of countries and leadership that do not align themselves with the West, the western media and NGO community, there are two countries, Iran and North Korea, that are presented as examples of, and labeled as, “pariah states”.

It is not this author’s intention to validate the western media’s assumptions about these two nations, but if they are to use labels, they ought to call a spade a spade and label Ethiopia the “North Korea” of Africa as the label best fits the minority regime in Ethiopia more than any other country or leadership in the region. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck …

Unwittingly, the West has created its own “North Korea” in the Horn of Africa, an imploding country teetering into the abyss. Despite the orchestrated defamation and vilification ofleaders in the region by Ethiopia’s thugocracy, and its handlers, the people of Ethiopia and the people in the region have clearly identified the “North Korea of Africa”-and the facts are there to show the uncanny resemblance in leadership’s style and governance.

Like North Korea, Ethiopia is heavily dependent on Foreign Aid with thousands of western NGOs running several development projects in the country. Its population is fed by, and 60% of its national budget is subsidized by donors. The online site Durame reported the following in its article, “ Ethiopia-Africa’s North Korea”[1]:

“…Just like the hermit kingdom, Ethiopia depends heavily on foreign aid. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the World Bank, Ethiopia received the second highest foreign assistance globally; totaling nearly 4 billion dollars. To put it in perspective, only war torn and US occupied Afghanistan receives more aid than Ethiopia…”

Aside from being staunch allies, North Korea and Ethiopia are ruled with the same oppressive and strict centralized governments and the two countries are, in fact, amongst the few nations in Africa that have close relations with North Korea. On 8 April 2007, the New York Times in its report, “Ethiopia bought arms from North Korea with U.S. assent”, Michael R. Gordon and Mark Mazzetti wrote:

“…Three months after the United States successfully pressed the United Nations to impose strict sanctions on North Korea because of that country’s nuclear test, officials in the Bush administration allowed Ethiopia to complete a secret arms purchase from Pyongyang in what appears to be a violation of the restrictions, according to senior U.S. officials…The United States allowed the arms delivery to go through in January in part because Ethiopian troops were in the midst of a military offensive against Islamic militias inside Somalia, a campaign that aided the U.S. policy …”

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