Google Translate : Abdullahi Hussein took the secret videos of torture, murder and extortion, when he left his position as a television director in the Ogaden and fled to Sweden. He also smuggled their movies from the arrest of journalist Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson.

Abdullahi Hussein , the regional presidential adviser and head of the media in the Ogaden , Ethiopia, when the Swedish journalists Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson was shot and arrested in July 2011. The Swedes were forced to participate in a film that would be used as evidence against them. They were also subjected to a mock execution .

When Abdullahi Hussein got the film in his hand , he decided to leave the country . In a few years he had copied the president’s secret video files including internal meetings, where police and soldiers testify to arbitrary arrest, torture , murder, extortion and rape. He brought all the material when he fled to Nairobi , Kenya in July 2012. For a year , he is a refugee in Sweden .

Director Andreas Rockséns documentary Dictatorship prisoners who appeared on SVT on October 14 this year is largely based on the material Abdullahi Hussein smuggled out of the Ogaden .

More than 100 hours of film is also evidence in the police report against the regime in the Ogaden as Abdullahi Hussein have submitted. A preliminary investigation of serious crimes under international law was initiated by Swedish police on October 24.

Abdullahi Hussein will also show some of their material during his lecture at JMK . The freedom of speech in a dictatorship .

Wednesday, November 20.



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