As most are already aware of, Atse Meles Zenawi’s has dispatched his cadres to a mission of disinformation in the Diaspora. This weekend, peaceful protests will be held in major North American cities to expose the Meles Zenawi murderous regime as the cadres meet for disinformation.

It’s an insult to humanity, to say the least – Zenawi’s Diaspora trips – to harass and kill innocent civilians because of their political beliefs, and turn around to hand over flowers of disinformation to the survivors of his own campaigns of terror and/or to the relatives of the victims of his own campaigns of terror. Can you imagine Hitler handing out flowers to the survivors and relatives of the victims of the Holocaust?! Wouldn’t that be an insult to humanity, to say the least!


Zenawi’s political calculation could be to use the Diaspora meetings and rallies as a climax for the upcoming nonviolent revolution that’s made him restless over the last couple of months; to let off the steam of rage against his regime here in overseas. However, political experts, whom we’ve talked to, explain that the TPLF-organized Diaspora disinformation meetings could actually spark the very nonviolent revolution that Zenawi is so desperately attempting to preempt. The tide of rage from this weekend’s peaceful protests will ultimately engulf Zenawi’s 20-year murderous and terrorist regime. The experts explain that rally goers should never give up, never relent and never lose passion as the protesters in Egypt’s Tahrir Square refused to go home until dictator Mubarak had been ousted from power. Never let off the steam of rage against the murderous regime of Zenawi after this weekend.

As the famous song (listen below) by the African-American activist of the 1970?s (Gil Scott-Heron) says, the “revolution is not televised.” Do not expect for the revolution to come to you live on the Internet or on a radio show or the PalTalk; do not expect for the revolution to be posted on the Internet; get out there and make the revolution! “The revolution will put you in the driver seat.” Enough with Tyranny and Domination!



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