(Ogadentoday Press)- The brave Swedish Journalists, Martin Schibbye, and Johan Persson, traveled into Ogaden to cover the hidden truth inside Ogaden. Like any other brave and rare journalists in our World, they dared to travel thousands of miles away from their hometown to enter into a media and aid groups banned territory in the hearts of Horn Of Africa, Ogaden region, a place refereed to some “Ethiopia’s Darfur” or “Africa’s Palestine” These two brave Swedish Journalists had been jailed in Ethiopia. After their release, they started to speak out what African dictator has got to hide. Martin and Johan wrote a book titled “438 DAGAR” or “438 Days” about their experiences in Ethiopia-which brought to light what was hidden from the International Community. Ogadentoday Press is very pleased that Martin Shibbye accepted its invitation to interview him on different issues. We’d like to thank him for his willingness to reach out our readers.

What was designed as an in-depth interview has turned out to be a large booklet. Hope, both Jailed Journalists and Ogaden crisis will gain the international attention.

Ogadentoday Press: Welcome to Ogadentoday Press

Martin Schibbye: Thank Very Much

Ogadentoday Press: What makes you to travel into Ogaden and put yourself at risk?

Martin Schibbye: Despite, many reports written about the conflicts in the Ogaden, no-one set foot in the oil-fields to report on and that drove us to try and use our legs to see with our own eyes the impacts of the Oil-Industry rather than googling to cover the story. The only conventional way into the area is to make an official visit, stagemanaged by the Ethiopian regime, pausing for a few hours in some well‐run hospital. These things are organised at regular intervals. At some point, you have to make a choice as a journalist. Either you produce a text in which Ethiopia claims there is peace in Ogaden, while the separatist movement, ONLF, insists there is a state of war. And you’re satisfied with that. Or you try to find out what’s true. Which of the perspectives are accurate. Either refugees were tortured by the Ethiopian army, or they weren’t. Either there is conflict in the region – or not. It shouldn’t be a matter of opinion. That is why we have to go into, so we can see with our own eyes what the consequences are of the activities of the international oil companies

Ogadentoday Press: Did you have a chance to meet and interview the local Ogadenis inside Ogaden region?

Martin Schibbye: No, not really, the conflict level is high and the area is militarized .We passed through an empty village that its residents fled due to the conflict. We pass abandoned huts, and meet an elderly man wandering the desert who says his village was burnt to the ground and everyone was killed. He planned to flee to Dadaab. We also make a long interview with the commander of the ONLF group that is guiding us about why they fight and their views on foreign oil companies. Because of the heavy fighting in the area that we passed through the Ethiopian army detected, followed and ambushed us.

Ogadentoday Press: When did you fall into the hands of the notorious Liyu Police militia? And how did they treat you?

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