Faallo.com (Jigjiga) 21-12-2013

What follows is a report on the mass atrocities carried out in the Somali National Regional State(Ogaden). The English report is compiled by Faallo.com investigative team and objective is to objectively document the ongoing power abuse in the region. The current report is specific to the abuses done in the name of the Hidar 29 Celebration even held in Jigjiga two weeks ago. This is a draft version intended for the public to comment on. The public and other interested parties are invited to send their comments and critical criticisms on this draft to the email below. We particularly welcome evidence-based comments. Any type of evidence (e.g. audio, video, documents) are welcome. Public comment is open until January 15, after which a revised and updated version of this report will be sent to international partners working for the protection of human rights.

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The Faallo.com Team (Jigjiga andAddis Ababa)

Impact of the Hidar 29 Celebration on the Civilian Population in the Somali National Regional State



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