Ogaden community in south Africa- Gauteng delegate has had a meeting in the capital city Pretoria on 25 of December.The meeting which was summoned by the working committee was attended by more than 70 ogaden community members and activists from all towns of Gauteng province plus the chairperson of ogaden community IN south Africa(OCSA) Mr.A.siad.

The meeting has its focus on the issues revolving around the current extravagant so called nationally day of Ethiopia and the current humanitarian situation in ogaden as well as the international campaign of justice for ogaden by an allied organizations from Ogaden and the world.

The chairperson of OCSA,Mr.Said, who was the key note speaker of the meeting has presented a vivid story and explanations of what Ethiopians called a nationality day ,which was held in Jigjiga, and called it a big and bad assault on the normal life of Ogaden citizen.

“It was war and worrying days for our people in jigjiga with 10,000 soldiers littering in the streets beating and robbing people, and without water and electricity from the run up time to the conference till 5days after the closure which means one and half month “

Activists of different advocacy groups had also briefed the meeting about the last development of ogaden situation particularly the “campaign for justice “in the international arena Where an International association of Ogaden ,of which OCSA is an active member, launched a number of

complainants in many countries ,including south Africa, against Ethiopian military and political leaders, of which Swedish prosecutors’ current investigation into what several human rights groups described as a war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ogaden, is the most recent one.

OCSA has previously launched a number of triumphant political and human rights campaigns against Ethiopian diplomatic missions in southern Africa and has once stricken an important nerve when they successfully blocked the late Ethiopian PM Melez Zenawi from presenting the annual speech of Thabo Mbeki foundation at Unisa in 2012.It is also believed that the dismissal of Ethiopian longtime ambassador to south Africa by Ethiopian government last month , has a direct link with its failure to contain ogaden advocacy groups’ activities in the region.

Presumably on the bases of that background, the program director declared, in the closing moment of the meeting that “we have a completed a plan to further assault the regime and its missions abroad for the coming year” he also urged the participants to prepare for more actions in the first coming months.



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