ONLF Top leaders used twitter and facebook a tool to send political messages to the group’s supporters around the globe,creating a new age of social network outreach by a group known as traveling thousands of miles to reach out its supporters around the globe by means of keeping update the political and military developments in and outside of the Ogaden Region.

Addressing about the Ethiopian Security Forces’ human rights abuses in Ogaden region ,the ONLF foreign Secretary,Abdirahman Mahdi reached out on facebook thousands at the New Year.

“Happy New Year to all small and great. May the people of this world live in peace with themselves and each other.

May the Ogaden people get a permanent reprieve from the inhumane and ruthless violations of the most basic of human right by the Ethiopian regime.

May the Ogaden youth and intellectuals give one hour each day to help alleviate the suffering of their people.”

A news article on the diaspora-run website, reported that the Ethiopian Security forces displaced a large number of villagers by burning postures,in response for this report ,the group’s top political leader ,Abdirahman Mahdi tweeted #Ethiopian Army torches large tracts of pasture lands in #Ogaden in order to clear land for OIl companies. ”

Another tweet from Abdirahman Mahdi’sa account said “”@CrisisGroup #Ogaden conflict is as hot or hotter than all those mentioned but #Ethiopia’s strategy- banning international media is rewarded” ,which was a tweet response of the International Crisis Group’s twitter account on the report of “The 10 conflicts that will threaten global stability in 2014 .

ONLF Foreign Secretary encouraged the young professional writers to take the pen with the aim to upgrade their advocacy against the Ethiopian human rights violations in part of making known for the rest of the world what they say,”The hidden Genocide in Ogaden region. ”

“It is time for the young professional writers to pick up the pen and selflessly extend contributing their times for the Ogaden cause- writing fresh news and opinion articles and speaking against the Ethiopian human rights abuses- in order to make it known to the rest of the World the hidden genocide that is taking place at the Ogaden region.”

The message comes after the group introduced last year members from the Central and expedite committees that military level alone can not expatiate the full Independence of the Ogaden region and needed many other efforts such as military,diplomatic,media and legal efforts .

However the group,Ogaden National liberation Front allied with Oromo Liberation Front another Independence seeking movement that has been fighting for the full independence of Oromia for decades.

Over the last 5 years the social media has been a tool that can be used to express political beliefs ,a place to reach out as many people as possible around the globe but many people in Ogaden region have no internet access since the Ethiopian authority restricts numbers of internet users for fear of revolt.

By Ahmed Abdi

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