Dear Mr. Chairman,

Dear Honorable representatives of People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) and beloved Oromo, ogadenian and Eritrean community as a whole!!   It is a great privilege and honor for me to be among you today representing the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).  First of all, I would like to my deepest gratitude to the organizing Committee for having organized such a timely and important conference supposed to assess the social, political and economic situation of the Horn of Africa with special emphasis on Ethiopian empire.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Oromo-Ogaden and Eritrean Solidarity, such as we see today here in Frankfurt, did not emanate overnight or out of naught. It has rather had its own history and raison d’etre in our distant history of struggle for freedom against the oppression and subjugation we commonly have suffered and been suffering still under the Ethiopian empire.  Indeed, I believe that the Oromo-Ogaden-Eritrean solidarity is deeply rooted in the hearts of our respective peoples who continually aspire through their struggle to restore their inalienable right to the right of self-determination. No doubt, each people has its own separate history and social identity in accordance to which it articulates the specifity of its problems and hence propose their solutions accordingly. However, those speficities can never override the common experience of colonial oppression and therefore the necessity of solidarity among freedom seeking different peoples. Freedom for each is pre-determined by freedom for all and vice-versa. Such mutuality and reciprocity lies at the core principle of the type of solidarity I am talking about.

Though the Eritrean people have already counted two decades of freedom and sovereignty, it is precisely because of this basic principle that the Eritrean people and government still remain in solidarity with the Oromos, Ogadenians and other oppressed nations and nationalities. Its freedom will not be a full-fledged one without the freedom of other oppressed peoples of the region, because the security and political stability in Eritrea are unthinkable without peace and justice in the region as a whole. Therefore, the urge and strive for peoples’ freedom would remain to be the ultimate explanation for the relentless support the Eritrean state have been giving to the Oromo liberation struggle. The Oromo, Ogaden and Eritrean solidarity is a matter of categorical imperative to the political will of the region and the Horn of Africa in general – not just an accidental phenomena that lies in the whim of their respective politicians.

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