The only assumed haven;

However, since Ethiopia’s invasion to Mogadishu in 2006, and almost – all territories inhabited by Somali populations [including Djibouti and Somalia] came under Addis Ababa control fully, Kenya became the only “nearby save haven” for Ogaden refugees.

Unfortunately, since 2010, the assumed haven was threatened by Ethiopia’s refugee-hunting exercise as daylight murdering or assassinations had been carried out. Key figures of Ogaden community, among them – ONLF officials, were brutally murdered or kidnapped from while in Kenya’s sovereign territory – namely Dadaab refugee camps and Nairobi, in between 2011 and January 2014.

Moreover, because of security-related crises in Kenya, and also military or political developments in southern Somalia, the Ogaden refugees’ only save haven in the Horn of Africa has become, from 2012, more unfavoring for the refugees in general and Ogaden in particular. Therefore, both Dadaab and Nairobi services for the refugees or asylum seekers became restricted as registration or documentation services remain hardily accessed or unaccessible. Here is the Text:

Ogaden Refugees’ Sanctuary Under Aggression




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