In the celebrating event of 10th anniversary of Pan African parliament (PAP),Ogaden community in South (OCSA) Africa will lead a peaceful picketing outside the PAP building,Gallagher Estate Midrand 1685,on 18th march, with the slogan “justice and freedom for Ogaden and for all in Ethiopia”

The sole purpose of the picketing is to raise awareness about Ethiopia’s 6 year long collective punishment against ogaden people; a military and security crackdown, total denial of humanitarian access, media and economic blockade, as well as the silent death in the overcrowded, notorious ‘Ogaden jail’, which houses 25000 civilian prisoners, ten times more than its intended capacity.

The formal demonstration, and the handing over of the memorandum to PAP leaders will commence on 09H00 until 11hoo.

Contacts :Mr.M.D.Aden: 0723655965

Mr.M.Kaffi:084 0673478


Since the illegal annexation of ogaden to Ethiopia by European powers in 1954, there was and still is an ever increasing military conflict between ogaden resistant movements of which the current one is ogaden national liberation front (ONLF) and Ethiopian Ethiopian military forces, which as a result produced one of the largest refugee community in the world, of which OCSA is part. Ogaden Community in South Africa is a civic, advocacy body with principled vision and goals, of which the prime tasks are raising awareness about ogaden plight, lobbing for peaceful settlement to ogaden crisis, putting the military conflict in Ogaden( eastern present-day Ethiopia) to an end and investigating the massacre on ogaden citizens and prosecuting perpetrators.


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