It is cleared now, the most anticipated discussion topics at the three day’s ONLF Executive Committee came behind closed doors in executive session inWatford,UK. ONLF Committee members openly discussed and evaluated the recent diplomatic and military gains and circumstances yet surrounded by its efforts to gain Ogaden region’s full independence.

Committee members heard from Ogaden National Liberation Front’s Chairman Admiral Mohammed Omar Osman, the report of what have been carried out with the decisions reached by the ONLF in the Central committee’s sixth session in August last year in Eritrea.

The Admiral and the ONLF Executive Committee had discussed the concept in previous meetings with some Ethiopian Opposition groups as a possible direction for aligning with forces that are going to topple what they call, “the undemocratic regime of TPLF/EPRDF” and a sign of moving forward should its alignment to oust out the regime before the next year’s election as the regime knows only the language of force rather than transferring power in a peaceful way.

The Chairman and Committee members agreed on that the group have achieved too much so far ,and the new plans are well received and ready to implement as soon as possible.

“The Ethiopian regime is not yet ready to transfer the power in a peaceful manner after more than two decades rule and yet wants to steal the citizen’s votes in 2015-election. As for, the Oppressed and down-trodden nations of Oromia, Sidama, Anyuak, Ganbella, Afar and other nations under Abyssinian occupation have been marginalized enough and have decided that their nations can no longer called part of so-called Ethiopia in this 21st century and Ogaden is ready-for Independence as Ethiopia is no longer controls more than 40 percent of Ogaden Region”, said the Admiral.

The Admiral believes that Ethiopia’s TPLF is a tiger-paper now and its abduction of the two-key ONLF negotiators proved to be a sign of weak and  in a desperate condition that the regime is experiencing, but it only increased them in strength as the regime has failed to defeat ONLF militarily.

The Executive committee have evaluated the recent military gains of the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA), and the situations of the World particularly the Horn of Africa and have come up with  several plans and strategies, which are to intensify the military efforts in part of weakening and forcing to pull out the Ethiopian troops in Ogaden and foreign- backed traitors of Liyu Police,to counter Ethiopian Propaganda and commitment to principles and values in order to counter enemy plots “.

The Executive Committee thanked  the Somali Ogaden Communities around the globe for their  support of the ONLF to continue moving forward was a sign in favor of the plan’s merit.

The three days ONLF Executive Committee’s meeting that concluded on Tuesday clarified many murky issues that was uncertain since the Ethiopian agents abduction of the ONLF-senior negotiators,Sulub Abdi Ahmed and Ali Ahmed Hussein at a restaurant in Nairobi in January 26th,but ONLF executive committee still believes that the Africa’s longest conflict of Ogaden can be solved through dialogue even though the ONLF Foreign secretary Abdirahman Mahdi said that the abduction of its officials could wreck the talks with Ethiopia when he spoke with Radio France last February.

“There are specific programs pointed out for theEthiopia’s limited tricks”,ONLF Foreign Secretary Abdirahman Mahdi said. “And we will enhance organizing and mobilizing the performance of Somali Ogaden communities in and around th globe and will further improve the cooperation and co-integration with the communities and the organizations opposed to the Ethiopian regime and paving the way to more challenges to Ethiopia ahead that may force her to give up Ogaden region”.

The most heavily discussed topic prior to the three day ‘s executive session was a matter of following up  the decisions reached by the  Central Committee August last year to convert into actions.

“We strongly condemn the Ethiopian government’s human rights violations against our people,especially killing defenseless civilians in a cold-blooded and gang-raping women and girls as a weapon of war”,said Mahdi.

Finally,the ONLF Executive Committee thanked forKenya, theUnited Kingdom,Switzerland, and the CR group for their efforts and endeavors to find Ogaden  conflict a political solution.



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