During Sunday’s celebrations to mark the independence of South Sudan many pundits as well as those interviewed said the liberation of Africa was now complete. But what many did not realise is that the full liberation of the continent is far from over.

A cursory look around the horn of Africa will show us that there are still liberation movements actively striving to achieve independence for their people via the right to self determination which the West is always so busy preaching to the rest of the world about.
A case in point is Ethiopia— the Ogaden region in particular. Unknown to many people, the Ogadenia region is populated by ethnic Somalis who want to exercise their right to self determination also and govern or misgovern themselves.

But just how many people in the world are even aware that there is also this struggle? There is also the case of the Oromo people still in Ethiopia who also want to exercise their right to self determination.
Surely what is good for the people of South Sudan must also be good for the ethnic Somalis and Oromo’s in Ethiopia. Or is it just another case of double standards?
If we look at this issue critically, the southern Sudanese are breaking free from the yoke of a Muslim dominated government. The people of east Timor in Indonesia a few years ago also broke free from the yoke of a Muslim dominated government. These two struggles have been hailed and their leaders feted on the world stage.

But where are the leaders of the Ogaden and the Oromo? Is it that there is collective amnesia in the Western media and governments whenever Muslims want to break free from a non-Muslim dominated government? Or why are Muslims anywhere int her world branded terrorists or their organisations labelled terrorist organisations when all they are doing is demanding rights that are given to all under all international laws and statutes?

Look at Palestine, even when Yasser Arafat renounced terrorism and was ready to recognize the Israeli government for the sake of the Palestinian people all he got was being subjected to house arrest in his own compound and he was only allowed to leave the compound when it was certain that he was dying.
Muslims are also citizens of the world and the actions and misdeeds of a few should not be used as a yardstick for denying Muslims their rights. All across the world Muslims are demanding the right to self determination. Look at Chechnya, Philippines, Thailand, Palestine, Kashmir, Ogadenia, and Oromo where the terrorism charge has been played up to ensure that the status quo is justified. T
We are all citizens of the world and if all these independence movements are recognized and the issues resolved the world will be a much better place and more peaceful. The birth of the new republic should serve as a wakeup call to all repressive regimes and remind them that they cannot hold a determined people forever regardless of their military might.

The international community, the UN and the western controlled media also need to pay much more attention to the repression of Muslims all over the world otherwise they shall stand equally as guilty by omitting to highlight these issues.
We look forward to seeing scenes that were witnessed in Juba on Sunday in Ogadenia, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Philippines, and Thailand. Then we may one day be able to say that indeed we have left the world a better place than we found it!


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