18 April 2014

A high level meeting organized by ogaden community in Pretoria, South Africa was held today. The conference was invited the elders, religious leaders and many key members ofOgaden populous in Pretoria by Ogaden community. The meeting was opened by Mr. Yusuf, the chairperson of Ogaden community in south Africa. Upon opening of the meeting, Mohamed sharif, a member of ONLF central committee took part the conference via teleconference followed by the constructive discussions and suggestions made by ogaden elders with a promise of moral and material support to uproot the worn out mentality of Ethiopia’s hell-bent inclination on keeping Ogaden under its “cruel hegemony”.

The all members of elders and Ogaden community members noted and unanimously condemned the hidden genocide, atrocities and psychological albatross inflicted to our people by the blood thirst regime in Addis Ababa. Elders were credited for their role in fight against the last vestige of colonial past “Ethiopia”.

Faisal, a veteran ONLF fighter who is in short visit to South Africa enthused over a wonder preparation of Ogaden community despite having glanced the worthwhile moments of confronting enemies along with his camaraderie’s. Faisal noted the mighty of ONLF fighters and the unquenchable thirst of Ogaden people for freedom and justice. He urged all citizenries of Ogaden to play all their patriotic roles to achieve their national goals and foil the felony of the enemy’s conspiracies.

Ogaden community, South Africa

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