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Ethiopia: Woyane Democracy and Ethnic Federalism: Facts about Ethiopian Population and House of People’s Representatives:

Ethiopian Population by Regions (Population and Housing Census Results 2007: 73,918,505)

Oromia: 27,158,471 (36.7%)
Amhara: 17,214,056 (23.3%) about 2 million people (non-amaras who left) were deducted
Somali: 4,439,147 (6.0%) (refugees and internally displaced people from the region, and also rural population were not included or counted).
Tigray: 4,314,456 (5.8%) Agew, Kunamas
SNNP: 10,377,028 (20.4%)
Afar: 1,411,092 (1.9)
Benishangul Gumuz: 670,847 (0.9)
Gambella: 306,916 (0.4%)
Harar: 183,344 (0.2%)
Addis Ababa: 2,738,248 (3.7%)
Dire Dawa: 342,827 (0.5%)
Special Enumeration: 96,570 (0.1%)

Ethiopian House of People’s Representatives (546 Seats)

Oromia: 178 Seats (33%)
Amhara: 138 Seats (25%)
Tigray: 38 Seats (7%)
Somali: 23 Seats (4%)
SNNP: 123 Seats (23%)
Afar: 8 Seats (1%)
Benishangul Gumuz: 9 Seats (2%)
Gambella: 3 Seats (1%)
Harar: 1 Seat (0%)
Addis Ababa: 23 Seats (4%)
Dire Dawa: 2 Seats (0%)

Please see the bellow figures on the Ethiopian Justice and Woyane Game; 

Tigray population: 4,314,456 (5.8%), but with 38 seats (7%) in the House of People’s Representatives (please this compare with Somali)
Somali population: 4,439,147 (6.0%), but with 23 seats (4%) in the House of People’s Representatives
Afar population: 1,411,092 (1.9), but with 8 seats (1%) in the House of People’s Representatives (please compare this with Addis Ababa)
Addis Ababa population: 2,738,248 (3.7%), but with 23 Seats (4%) in the House of People’s Representatives (please compare this with Somali and Afar)

These figures shows Ethiopian Justice and Woyane Game in Ethiopia. I this a justice or something good? who is responsible about this? who will correct these mistakes and how?

These figures show that, Oromos, SNNP and Amharas are majority in the House of People’s Representatives. But their performance and role are zero. So, what’s wrong with the Oromos, SNNP and Amhara representatives, leaders and communities in Ethiopia? The solution is to invite the Eritreans to come to Ethiopia and solve their problems.

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