May 14, 2014

Members of the Oromo Peoples Democratic Organisation (OPDO), a member party of the EPRDF, who have labelled the new Addis Abeba Master Plan as “the agenda of the TPLF”, are being detained by government securities.

Sources within OPDO, choosing to remain anonymous, have said that although the government and the Party called people to discuss on the new Plan, those that have openly aired their opposition to it are being detained.

OPDO has been divided into pro and anti TPLF groups and the Pro TPLFs are chasing those that do not support TPLF, the sources added.

EPRDF is trying to deflect the rising anger and protest of Oromo protesters by igniting inter-ethnic conflicts, the members have stated.

They say that cadres have been dispersed in universities and unemployed youth are being sent to the homes of other ethnic groups to start a conflict.

OPDO members state that OPDO has been organising youth in Eastern and Western Wollega to assail and burn the homes of selected people. They urged people to pass these trying times using the “venerable culture of tolerance and respect.”

Meanwhile, police released over 100 students that have been detained after the students protest in Dire Dawa University while 40 students are still being detained accused of “inciting the violence.”

Similarly, students of Haromaya University that have been sheltered at local churches following the protests in the University have been evicted and were taken to unknown places by cars. The removal order reportedly came from the Eastern Military Command of Ethiopia. Teaching has barely begun in Haoromaya University after the student riot.

ESAT’s successive efforts to speak to the officials of the Oromia region regarding the security issues in the region have been unsuccessful.



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