Ogaden National Liberation Front’s Official, Rayal Hamoud, urged the two brotherly nations of Afar and Somalis from Ogaden region to take more precautions on the Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s old tactics of turning one nation against another.
“I urge the two brotherly people of Afar and Somalis to be cautious about the intrigues of the TPLF and remember their unity in religion and blood.”

The TPLF / EPRDF is under increasing pressure from opposition and warring factions of ONLF, OLF, SLM, BPLM, ARDUF and GMD and many other formations from the oppressed nations. So The Tigray ruling Junta will try to use all efforts to turn Benishangul against Oromos, Somalis against Afars, Gambellas against Sidamas, and so on in part of creating chaos among the oppressed nations under Ethiopian occupation, Mr. Rayaale Hamoud a member of the ONLF Central Committee and a former head of Regional vice-president and founder of Issa and Gurgura Liberation Front (IGLF) in 1990s said in an interview with Radio Freedom (Xoriyo).

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