William Hague
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
United Kingdom

Strasbourg, July 3rd 2014

Subject: Extradiction of Andargachew Tsege from Yemen to Ethiopia

Dear Mr. Hague,

An Ethiopian activist who is currently based in London and is a holder of a British Passport has been detained in Sana’a onMonday, June 22nd. His name is Andargachew Tsege, he is a major Ethiopian opposition leader, and he was traveling from Dubai to Asmara, Eritreia, in Yemenia Airways which was transiting through Sana’a.

From the information I got, the Yemeni authorities have detained him at the airport and is whereabouts were unknown for days. I was informed that the British Embassy was aware of the detention and I believe that Yemeni authorities acted at the request of the Ethiopian authorities. Today, I have received information that Mr. Tsege was extradited to Ethiopia, which means that his life and physical integrity are in great danger and that he will be wrongfully accused of crimes he did not commit.

I am shocked with this blatant violation of the principle of non-refoulement by Yemeni authorities and seriously disappointed with the lack of visible action on the part of the British authorities, to secure the protection of Mr. Tsege.

I urge you, now, to do the utmost to ensure the release and the highest possible protection of Mr. Tsege in Ethiopia and his return to the United Kingdom as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Ana Gomes
Member of the European Parliament


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