ONLF fighters in an unknown location in Ogaden region
Over the last three months ,fighters from Ogaden National Liberation Army waged enormous attacks against Ethiopian Security forces which inflicted heavy casualties on Ethiopian and Liyu Police militia.

Ogaden National Liberation Front(ONLF)claims it has killed a large number of Ethiopian andLiyuPolice militiaon Tuesday, Somalia Media reported.
A telephone interview with an ONLF Information Secretary,said that a multifront offensive has been launched by the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA), the group’s army wing July 2, 2014 and still continues.
“We have killed more than 100 Ethiopian soldiers ,and its allied militia of Liyu Police (Hawarin) at Kebri Dahar and Godey,” Hussein Nour told Waagacusub Media.Mr.Nour said there is minimum ONLF casualty,but gave no other details.
The Information Secretary added that the Ogaden NationalLiberationArmy burned 4 Ethiopian military trucks,which Ethiopian soldiers were on board in an ambush in Kebri Dahar outskirt.
According to eyewitness the battlefields are littered with bodies ofEthiopian soldiers.The Ethiopian Regime of TPLF did not comment on the ONLF’s military victory claim ,and always denies any reports of its army defeat in the hands of Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA).
Meanwhile, an ONLF communique that is sent from ONLF’s Headquarter inside the rebel territory,says 55 Ethiopian have died, in fierce battles thatoccurred many fronts,including Towrane and Dabile in the Degehabur province,Adadley and Irey in the district of Duhun,Sanka-danke in Birkod, Burayska in the district of Hamaro,Dudihabred in the district of Denan . Labi’ga in Sagaga area. Mara’gududshe,Gelnujis,and Gurumo all in the district of Garbo .
There is underreported “constant fighting between Ethiopian troops and ONLA forces in the Ogaden region. Human rights Organizations such as Human Rights Watch ,Amnesty International and Genocide watch accuse the Ethiopian Security Forces of committing human rights abuses in Ogaden Region.
Ethiopian Security Forces avenged on the civilians of Guna’gado and killed more than 10 Ogadeni young men that we have received the names of only 10 of the demised civilians.
1. Mohammed Mohamoud Kalinle
2. Abdullahi Bashir
3. Abdiwahab Mouktar
4. Ahmed Ibrahim Rashid
5.Yousouf Farah Odowa
6. Ibrahim Mohammed
7. Dek Abdinour
8. Abbase Muhummed Hef
9. mohammoud
10. Mahad Abdi Baydon
Source :Waagacusub Media


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