By Ahmed Abdi

Ethiopia has been a threat to the peace and stability of the Horn Of Africa , the north of Africa as well as Nilotic peoples since the creation of this strange nation of Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) .

The nations of the Horn of Africa have been facing maltreatment from the successive fake regimes of Abyssinia that have been exercising a policy based on bloody-wars- the same war that the merciless TPLF-junta came to power in 1991.

Abyssinia (Ethiopia) availed the competitions between European colonial powers in the black Continent,Africa. Specially the rivals of France and Italy that had been competing against each other to gain Ethiopia as their main outsourcing or to find a place for marketing for their goods; therefore, Menelik II received enormous support from Italy’s rival, France.

France had been advising Ethiopian Empire of Menelik II both militarily and politically to confront Italian invasion on Abyssinia (Ethiopia)  until it reached a military triumph over Italian troops. After Abyssinia (Ethiopia) gained victory over Italian forces in 1896 it had a chance to have a say among the colonial powers ,which it participated in the scrambling of Horn of Africa.

Menelik II started his expansionist campaign against all nations-that are now under its occupation-including : The nation of Sidama, The nation of Oromia, The nation of Afar land ,the nation of Ogaden, the nations of Gambella and Benishangul whom still resist its identity-to establish a new Empire of his own ,which was not exist before by means of extrajudicial killings and  exterminating whoever dared to resist his grasping way of imperialistic attitude.

Thanks to European colonial powers that had offered him tremendous weapons to crash other empires and sultanates that had no weapons other than axes, spears, and swords to confront his armed to teeth tribal soldiers.

Anyone that follows up Ethiopia’s historical root will soon realize its true nature which is founded on aggression,invasion,expansionism,and a time of war with her neighbors such as Somalia,Eritrea ,and Sudan before, as well as a non-stop fighting within herself that has been dragging for so long ;  widespread detentions without considerations that started right after its illegal colonial formation.

Ethiopia is World’s worst jailer of the  opposition members, the politicians , the protesters, and the press as well as holding and detaining those expressed their sentiments and feelings towards an undemocratic regime of Tigray People’s Liberation Front,TPLF.

These inhumane and brutalities act created tense and division in the region, where many nations under its occupation resist its genocidal and land-grabbing policy that resulted many Benishangul people to immigrate to Sudan.

It was last February when Ethiopian Army forcibly relocated many Benishangul residents in Fadasee to replace more than 48,000 Ethiopian highlanders .This folly policy will never bring peace and stability in the region

Although , the former successive Ethiopian regimes treated inhumanely against the people of Benishangul,which they endured unbearable human rights infringements,yet they refuse to accept the Ethiopian identity.

To differentiate between their cultures and Ethiopian highlanders’ culture they wear on special costumes known as “ JAlabeyah” and Sudanese long white shirt that shows they belong to Sudan originally and scars on their faces ,though in the recent years, they started to abandon such kind of cultural practice after the education reached them. 

In the absence of strategic and political vision of the current Sudanese politicians had driven to  extradite Benishangul People from Sudan to Ethiopia, which is the first crime ever committed by a Sudanese government since its independence in 1956.

Benishangul people are waiting a responsible stance from the current regime of Sudan, the same stance taken by governments and regimes in history, when it comes to causes like the one of Benishangul, of course to protect its people and support their cause to liberate Benishangul .

For instance, the position taken by Albania towards Kosovo, because the people dwell there are mostly from its ethnicity. And the people of Moro whom gained their autonomous political entity with the help of Malaysia. As it is not hidden from anyone what Russia has done to protect its ethnically distinct of Russian in Crimea, Ukraine.

What we are very concerned is that Sudanese leadership’s enact regarding its traditional foe of Ethiopia which is developing militarily and economically ?  Why not enemy? It is the same enemy that participated in the so-called peacekeeping in the South Sudan in the pretext of the UN peacekeeping mission ,and supported the rebellion and secession of the parts of the motherland from the rest of the entire country.

I wonder, how Sudanese decision-makers are thinking ? How strange they and their  policy are ?


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