This week some world communities have celebrated the 122nd anniversary of the last Ethiopian emperor ,Haile Sellase, whereby some media houses took an interest to celebrate for what they called the life of greatest son of African continent .Among those media outlets was e-NCATV,which has this time explored King Haile Sellase’s life from a different angle by talking to his victims and those happened to be his subjects during his 40 years of absolute monarchy in Ethiopia
The episode has started with obsessive approbation of his actions and policies towards African continent struggle for freedom, the formation of African union and even his representation in the League of Nations, then proceeded to examine other facts back his home, his domestic policies, more particularly his newly Ethiopianized land and people in between the two seas of the horn of Africa. The latter has stolen the show.
Mss. Jeene of e-NCAtv has taken on an ogadenian activist, who is also an online journalist based in Pretoria, whose accounts of history has not only juxtaposed facts against the much-exaggerated actions of the King, but also convincingly questioned his sincerity in his well accepted initiatives in pre and post-liberation struggle of Africa, namely the foundation of OAU, in which Sellase heavily invested time and resources to shield his criminality and legitimize the illegal occupation of Ogaden,which he succeeded to, by simply co-founding an organization with all the necessary mandate to legalize his land grab, occupation and expansionism ideology
the activist weighed his claim with well-founded stories of Emperor Haile sellase being a friend and beneficiary of European colonial powers which rewarded him with parts of other African nations in return for his cooperation, more notably Britain whose sole support made it possible for his predecessor, King Minilik, to attend the scramble for Africa in Berlin in 1884 ,at which ogaden and other parts of eastern Africa were given to his kingdom. That agreement was later implemented during emperor Sellase’s reign.
Another big and more important question of the e-TV presenter was to get explanation of why the man who contributed much to the liberation of his country from Italy, developed and even legitimized his country’s territorial expansionism, was not a popular in his country.
Easy as it was detailed by the activist, the king’s rule of terror benefitted only his ethnic Amhara community and not the millions of population under his tyranny. The Emperor believed that his ethnic Amhara was the only righteous inheritor, and called himself a God elect king without a mere respect for the rights of the oppressed and stolen nations under his monarchy.
The activist has also coherently linked the present ogaden political crisis to the emperor’s rule by stating that Haile Sellase was the architect of all the brutal policies applied in ogaden to date.
“The King made ogaden and Oromo status as not-citizen-nor foreign as they are today: they are not allowed to choose their leaders, have no right political representation in the government, and remained to be subject to a social class prejudice in Ethiopia”
Rounding up his comments,Mr.x called the celebration of Haile Sellase by international community as an insult to the civilized communities of the world, which he said will have a negative impact on the moral aspect of those victimized by the emperor, adding that back home people are mourning for the death of loved ones and loose of their land.


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