Genntlemen and Madame’s

I thank you and the organisers to give me this opportunity to speak to you on behalf of ONLF and the Ogaden people. It is not often that those oppressed by the current Woyane regimeget such a valuable chance as this that provides them the opportunity to share experiences and provides platforms to exchange views and explore means for mutual cooperation in order to end the current situation in Ethiopia.

Esteemed listeners,
The Woyane regime ruling Ethiopia today has exceeded all previous regimes in its brutality and oppression. Due to its insecurity and paranoia, the regime relies on brute force and absolute terror in holding to power that palls what was said about the Gestapo in the Second World War. In addition to the use of terror as a weapon of control, the regime uses economic blackmail, denial of aid and land-grapping as weapon of war against innocent civilians. In Ogaden the level of crime has reached such a stage that it is tantamount to genocide. In 2010 and 2011 alone the regime massacred more than two thousand people. At least more than thirty people are killed in Ogaden every day. Thousands are languishing in jails and the use of rape as a weapon of war is beyond description. Despite the current famine affecting millions there, the regime is still maintaining complete economic and aid blockade.

After all these diabolical schemes of terror failed to dampen the Ogaden people’s spirit to resist the regime, Meles Zenawi has now ordered his Army to stop detaining people, but instead kill the residents of entire villages, so that no tangible evidence of his atrocities can be traced. The Army rounds the villagers, then takes them forty to fifty kilometres into the countryside, away from where they could recognized and shoots them and the hyenas complete their job for them.

Unfortunately, despite all this, the UN and the donor countries keep rewarding the Woyane regime, not only by donating more money in order to perpetrate the rule of this criminal regime, but also confer upon it an aura of respectability and provide it with diplomatic protection, that allows it to commit crimes against the people with impunity without fear of international sanctions.On a similar basis China is providing weapons and technology that allows the Woyane to Jam all opposition Media and monitor communications, in return for Ogaden oil and gas. Meles is not selling Ethiopian agricultural land but he has divided Ogaden into 21 blocks and auctioning the whole area to China and others. Therefore, since we expect no international community intervention to come to the rescue of our peoples, the only alternative we have is to turn to our own resources and unite our efforts against the Woyane regime.

The Woyane regime has succeeded in staying in power and ruling in the most diabolical and horrific manner for the last twenty years because it exploited the fears and fundamental contradictions among the peoples concerned. Such fears and contradictions were not the creation of the Woyane regime, but developed overtime and were never properly addressed, not even today. Until we all decide to genuinely acknowledge the existence of those differences and start processes that could address those issues that kept fuelling the never ending circles of wars and tyrannical rules, regimes such as the Woyane will always get opportunities to create dynastical and medieval oligarchies.

It is in the nature of humanity to have differences, but history has proven again and again that those who acknowledge their differences and commonalities and chose to emphasis their commonalities while managing their differences in a pragmatic and logical manner achieve their goals. Such groups create win-win situations and in long run address their differences.

The Ogaden people and ONLF had already shown their determination to fight the Woyane regime, and will continue to fight the Woyane regime until the rights of the people are restored. ONLF had so far received the brunt of the Woyane War Machinery and are effectively resisting it, but would like to fully cooperate with any other group that genuine intends to defeat this heinous regime. ONLF understands and acknowledges that there are fundamental differences between groups, but still believes that there is room for cooperate as long as there is mutual respect and acceptance of each other’s differences, since the overriding concern today is stopping thismalevolent regime before it renders all peoples under its rule either dead or Zombies- and incidentally we are already closer to that than you may expect!.

ONLF strongly believes that we must bury our hatchets and fight together against the Woyane regime, without any preconditions or the alternative would be a Woyane rule for a long time to come. We would have enough time to sort out any differences as we go along, but the situation now is so serious, unless we cooperate now, millions may die, since the Woyane regime has no value for the lives of the people and the need to stop them is urgent.

Finally, the Woyane regime is very weak, but thrives on our difference. ONLF calls upon all the people in Ethiopia, regardless of religion, political disposition or nation to stand together and fight against the Woyane regime. ONLF will cooperate with any group or people that are ready to fight the wayaane regime as long as it believes with right of peoples self determination.

Thank you for your time.



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