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Ogaden Community in South Africa (OCSA) holding a public gathering for 30th anniversary of Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)

This month 30 years ago a group of Ogaden men gathered in a little known village in southern Somalia to find a passageway out of the deadlocked Somali-Ethiopia military conflict over Ogaden territory, which took the impression of a border dispute between the two. This group Of Ogaden was in search of finding political organization with legal mandate for the representation of Ogaden as a nation with clear vision of libration, and entirely different identity from both countries. They chose Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) which turned 30 years of armed struggle against Ethiopian regime this month. In commemoration of this great move, OCSA holds a public gathering on 27 August 2014 at Mayfair cultural centre Johannesburg.

OCSA in parallel to all ogaden Diaspora organizations around the globe will be holding this event to celebrate the achievements made by ogaden struggle led by ONLF for the last three decades, ranging from creating more united, socially bonded and politically informed society to building strong- disciplined national resistance army which keeps occupying forces of Ethiopia on their kneels in the death trenches, denying them a mere chance to exploit our natural resources. OSCSA is also honoring our fallen heroes and heroines who sacrificed their precious lives for the liberation of our land and people whose spirits remain alive in our hearts.

In 30 years of existence and 20 years of armed struggled ogaden Nation welcomes new generation to the national liberation struggle. This ‘Born to struggle generation’ which is fully educated and integrated in to the struggle at all levels, is a clear reflection of our strategic achievements in the political landscape in Ogaden against the earth scorched policy of Ethiopian regime, whose prime target was/is to destroy the moral fiber of Ogaden youth through intimidation and obsessive deculturalization process to try and stop the youths from pursuing their rights for freedom, nationhood and normal life in their own country.

Finely,OCSA takes this opportunity to remind the international community that Ethiopia failed to respect all international laws, treats and values in the question of ogaden occupation. OCSA further tellS the world that a military conflict in ogaden has greater connotation added to its old geopolitical implication in the region as extremism gains ground in the Horn of Africa, and so that demands a quick intervention of the world to save lives and secure nations in the region and the world.


Ogaden Somali community in south Africa


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