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On behalf of the Ogaden National Liberation front, which is struggling for the right of the Somali nation under Ethiopian rule for self-determination, let me express my deepest thankfulness for the privilege of addressing this conference.

Today is a particular honour for me to address such distinguished guests whose presence enriches this great. Thank you all for coming.

I am also greatly elated to participate in this conference, where  the ardent, dedicated and brave members of the Ogaden communities, who came across continents, to share their experiences, common concern and needs in the diaspora and express their solidarity for national liberation and emancipation struggle of the Somali people in Ogaden.

I also take opportunity to convey my respects to the Somali people in Ogaden who are valiantly resisting the Ethiopian regime and are supporting the national liberation struggle despite the collective punishment met by the cowardly regime of Ethiopia.

I also mention with pride and the great appreciation the brave men and women of the Ogaden National Liberation Army that are sacrificing their lives for the emancipation of the Somali people in Ogaden and the gallant Martyrs who lost their lives to liberate their people from this ruthless tyranny. The Ogaden National Liberation Army has shown the Ethiopian regime that no matter how much equipment and money they may be given, the will of the people is more powerful.

I am also greatly pleased by the great role that the Ogaden Women association and Ogaden Youth and Student Unions are taking both in the diaspora and the national liberation struggle.

The Ogaden communities in the diaspora are the product of the oppression of Ethiopia against our people. The Ogaden Somalis love their country but were forced to flee since the early fifties.

It is import for you to become useful and self-reliant members of the societies of the generous countries that adopted you. You shall contribute and integrate. You shall educate your youth and teach them to avoid in participating in acts of terrorism against the countries that adopted them. You shall preserve the rich culture of the Somali people and the values that the Somali people cherish. And you shall teach them the history of your people and the national liberation struggle they are engaged in and the oppression the Ethiopian regime is conducting against them.

Distinguished Guests,

The Ogaden National Liberation Front did not chose to wage and armed struggle in Ogaden. It was attacked and ever since has been waging a protracted armed struggle. In 1994, the Ethiopian regime has committed naked aggression against the Ogaden self-rule and attacked the ruling party, ONLF, the regional parliament and the Ogaden people. Ever since, the regime committed war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Ogaden people.

The Ogaden is today a big prison. The borders are closed and no trade is allowed. International aid has been stopped and the people are not allowed to grow their food. The Ogaden is effectively a big prison and no international media are allowed to have free access.

The Ogaden National Liberation Front believes in finding a peaceful justice and lasting solution to the conflict in Ogaden. And in that spirit, accepted Kenyan government mediation efforts, but unfortunately, the Ethiopian regime aborted that effort by insisting on meaningless pre-conditions and committing further atrocities and abductions against the Ogaden people and ONLF.

Ethiopia is a county, where many nations are oppressed by the few. ONLF fosters and values all the organizations that struggle for the rights of self-determination and democracy. ONLF calls all those organizations to come together and create effective alliance against the regime.

In January 2014, the Ethiopia regime abducted from Nairobi Mr Sulub Ahmed and Mr Ali Mohamed who were members of ONLF negotiation team. The Ethiopian regime did the same to Mr Adergachow Zegie, the vice chairman of Gimbot 7, a true democrat who struggled to bring democracy to Ethiopia.

ONLF categorically condemns those illegal and criminal acts and calls the regime to respect the human rights of those and all other prisoners and release them without any pre-conditions.

I will also take this opportunity to congratulate the Somali people in Somalia for their attempts at state building. It very positive to see that the clan wars are almost coming to an end and that the Somali people are engaging more in dialogue rather than the gun. We call our brothers in Northern Somali to avoid re-igniting clan wars and settle their differences in peace-full dialogue.

Finally, I call the international community to come to the aid of the Ogaden people and pressure the Ethiopian regime to stop the Human rights violations in Ogaden and accept a just solution to the conflict in the Ogaden

Thank you all

Admiral Mohamed Omar Osman


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