The Tigray People’s Liberation Front supporters within diaspora got the access to financial security more than any other diasporas. Yet their participation in Ethiopias’s development is next to none. In fact they cheat on their taxes while they got incomes both in Ethiopia and in diaspoara at the same time. Most of them don’t even report income in both countries. These Tigray People Liberation Front’s business people got by far the highest percentage of people living both in the diaspora and in Ethiopia simultaneously. They got the nerve to apply for foodstamp and other benefits worldwide while they got incomes higher than any Ethiopian both in Ethiopia and in COUNTRIES WITHIN diaspora. The countries law enforcement would be happy to investigate tips regarding their ellict financial transactions. It is assumed that 85% of TPLF elites-diasporas cheat on their taxes both in Ethiopia and in foreign countries within the diaspora by using their dual citizenship as a cover. Yet the TPLF supporters dual citizens got the nerve to accuse others for cheating on their taxes, in turn commiting larceny by snatching their livelihood by grabbing their lands in the name of funding the GERD project.

New York and other parts of the world Oromos need to report all the elite-diasporas that cheat on their taxes to the TAX authorities in foreign countries .We got the power to twist their arms so they stop selling our lands (LIFE) GRAB . Let’s end the stealing of our foods so our people can feed their babies. The people should not resort to abortion or exile just to have enough to feed their babies while the officials sell their lands to foreigners depositing in off-shore accounts to their personal luxury. If we stop the TPLF dual citizens from stealing from Ethiopia we can build many dams without selling the lands. We need to use the legal system in diaspora to stop these people that travel back and forth bleeding Ethiopia dry. FATF is an intergovernmental body whose purpose is to develop and promote an international response to combat money laundering.
LET US retrieve the stolen money for Oromos and other Ethiopians!
LET US retrieve stolen money for foreign countries tax payers as well!




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