In March 1957 Aklilou Abte Wold, Foreign Minister of Ethiopia infomed American officials “Ethiopia needs Ogaden and asked them to settle the matter before Somalia attains its independence after four years. US Deputy Assistant Secretary for African Affairs said that “t was his understanding that the U.S. had always accepted the fact that the primary point of departure in any impartial mediatory or arbitration procedure would be the 1908 Convention and that the primary problem would be to interpret that Convention”.

See this mad Habesha hyena and the way he thinks about others and their land. He asked Americans to help Ethiopia keeping Ogaden under Ethiopia before Somalia attains its independence in 1960. At the same his fears was independent Somalia will not accept their propaganda and will say “we got your face and you cannot hide your ugly eyes “the one who stole a camel walks bending his back to cover himself from the eyes of others”.

Read the Memorandum of a Conversation, Addis Ababa, March 12, 1957

And Report to the President on the Vice President’s Visit to Africa




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