Berlin ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group published a report claiming that Eritrea has violated the UN ‘s Arms Embargo on Somalia, using ONLF. In the Report the group made malicious allegations about ONLF using dubious sources and interviewing prisoners who had been tortured by Ethiopian security and were under duress. This is ONLF’s response to that biased Report.

According to the ONLF statement , ONLF is not violating the arms embargo of Somalia. It has not established bases in Somalian or does it have any military relationships in Somalia. ONLF supports the Somali people and the Republic. ONLF urges the UN to revisit the Ogaden and fulfill its responsibility under international law.The UN has a duty of responsibility to protect the Ogaden people from the Ethiopian regime’s transgressions. The UN shunned its responsibility and duty in finding a lasting solution when the Somali republic was formed in 1960 without resolving the Ogaden conflict. Little has changed in the 60 years since and the issue still stands unresolved. The Ogaden conflict is a major factor in the instability of the horn of African in particular Somalia and addressing it will lead to sustainable peace. Therefore, ONLF requests the UN to initiate a political process that addresses the conflict in the Ogaden.

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