December 11, 2014


The Ogaden Somali Communities in the United Kingdom demonstrated in front of the Chinese Embassy in London, protesting Chinese Oil exploration and extraction companies involvement in Ogaden. The Ethiopian regime is forcefully evicting agro-pastoralists from large tracts of lands in order to accommodate this exploration companies. The Chinese are paying millions in order to support the local militias and the Ethiopian army clear the land.

Currently a Chinese company called GCL Ploy is contracted to extract gas and oil in Jeexdin (Calub) and Elele areas. The Ethiopian Army evicted the rural population from 50 square kilometers area and are killing any body found in the area. Women have been raped who tried to collect their livestock, which escape to their traditional grazing areas. GCL Ploy parent company states in its corporate responsibility that

GCL-Poly is responsible towards our shareholders, investors, employees,

customers, industry, society, and the future. We serve our customers

and care for our employees by adhering to the operating principles

of equality, honesty, sharing and mutual benefit, creating value for

shareholders, investors and society.

chineseHowever, GCL Ploy brags in China daily website that the Ethiopian army will defend it against the Ogaden people. Mr Yu, chairman and president of Chinese company POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Ltd,  says “security issues are no longer as large a concern, as the company’s construction site has received protection from the Ethiopian army”. “Ethiopia has a stable political and social environment and openness to foreign investments,”  The Ethiopian army and associated militia are committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ogaden. Hundreds of thousands are in detention, often tortured and raped , while whole communities are evicted from their lands, often through terrorising them by exemplary killings, rape and torture.  And that is the type of stability and protection Mr Yu is taking about.

The Ethiopian government has divided the Ogaden into 21 blocks and cosider the whole of the Somali territory as land for lease without any consideration of the people or the environtment.

The GCL Ploy Ethiopian subsidiery information states that:

Poly Technologies Inc. (a subsidiary of China Poly Group Corporation) and Golden Concord Holdings Limited have been long term cooperative partners, together they established POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings, and POLY-GCL has invested in the development and production of petroleum & natural gas in the Ogaden Basin in Ethiopia.

POLY-GCL PETROLEUM INVESTMENTS LIMITED ETHIOPIAN BRANCH  is the a company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, business license proc No. 686/2010, branch of POLY-GCL Petroleum and Natural Gas Investments Limited (herein referred to as the “Contractor”), a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of British Virgin Islands, the later has entered into five Petroleum Production Sharing Agreements (PPSA) signed on November 16th 2013 with the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, who wants to promote the exploration, development and production of the petroleum on, in or under the contract area and the contractor desires to join and assist the government in the exploration, development and production of potential petroleum within the contract area, and are currently executing by the POLY-GCL PETROLEUM INVESTMENTS LIMITED ETHIOPIAN BRANCH on behalf of the Contractor.

POLY-GCL acquired Calub & Hilala Development Blocks in the Ogaden Basin, Ethiopia (Total area: 1226km2, Calub 257 km2, Hilala 969 km2), POLY-GCL also acquired the following Exploration & Development Blocks: Block 3&4 (contract area: 25,571 km2), Blocks 11&15 (contract area: 22,874 km2), Block 12&16 (contract area: 30,611 km2), Blocks 17&20 (contract area: 36,769 km2). The cumulative total contract area of these 10 Exploration and Development Blocks is 117,151 km2.

The Ogaden Somali communities of the UK were chanting that

Ogaden territory is not for sale

China stop your companies in taking part  in the Human rights violations by  the Ethiopian  government against the Ogaden people

No oil without Somali Ogaden people’s rights

Stop the blood money in Ogaden

Our rural people are not the property of Ethiopia

Ogaden land belongs to the Somali people in Ogaden, not Tigray

The Ogaden people have a right to defend their territory

ONA, London


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  1. Hiwi says:

    Murad Abdulahi, the President of the Harari Regional State of Ethiopia, Eastern Ethiopia, has reportedly been beaten by Nebil Mehadi, the Chairman of the Harari League and the Head of the Regional Trade and Industry Development Bureau inside his own office last Friday. The division of the Region’s officials into two is causing a security threat.

    Nebil entered the President’s office saying that he needed an audience with him before he punched the Murad in the face. Nebil was later taken out of the office by police and until the filing of the News report, he was not detained. Nebil was the Head of Harar Municipality and Head of the Education Bureau.

    The power struggle between the Harari leadership is expected to be a big challenge to General Abraha Woldemariam, who is allegedly the overall administrator of the Region.

    Nebil, who had a big position in the Region, was first removed from his Chairmanship of the League and then from the Development Bureau, to be posted in a purchasing department by the Regional President after an evaluation was conducted.

    Information about the President is being leaked by other Party officials, who are accusing the President of removing his opponents and replacing them with his relatives. The President’s wife had reportedly left for the U.S. by stashing millions of birr.

    The Region has 36 Kebeles/districts; people in rural and urban areas majorly speak Oromigna and Amharic languages respectively. Since Oromigna and Harari languages were made the only working languages of the Region, around 65% of the people who only speak Amharic language have been finding it difficult to live and communicate.


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