Renegade President of Ogaden regional state has been confronted by an Amharic Speaking man who made the third historical confrontation that an Ethiopian official goes away with his tail between his legs -but this Tuesday’s Ogadeni diaspora terrorizing tour “produced a unique protest”.

” What are you doing here ? “This man is criminal” ! ” a genocidal and criminal is here” ! a man shouted as he throw a shoe at frighted loathed traitor Abdi Mohamoud Omar (Abdi Ilay) ” The Somali young people are being killed by this man! ”

The president got up and started hurling insults to the Ethiopian man by saying “fuck you” repeatedly.

The Hotel Security guards came eventually and tried to silence the protester ” hold on” , “hold on” , said a security man. ” Hey! Security guards, do not collaborate with this criminal”! ” he is wanted in Sweden !

Later Abdi Iley took out his cell phone to record the protester and the security guards managed to solve the problem.

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