BBC, s Newsnight has recently aired a program by one of its investigative Journalists that once again proved that Ethiopian government,s use of development aid as a tool for political oppression, it also highlighted the plight of those who suffer under this regime. This is nothing really new to those of us who hail from this region and to anyone who follows international events. But because of the gruesome nature of these criminal acts it is always as painful as hearing it for the first time.

Then as expected “Deputy Ambassador” Dulane was dispatched to try defend the indefensible, mind you this was no ordinary task. It was clear that the Ambassador was in physical pain..He couldn’t muster enough energy to put two meaningful sentences together. You see..What Mr. Dulane was trying to say was the opposite of what he exactly knew was happening..No doubt he knows some of these victims in person.

A classic case of what Psychologists call a “Cognitive Dissonance” defined as holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time.

The Ambassador claims that, in his own words ” charges of rape and torture were a rehash of old allegations that the Ethiopian government had answered time and again” ..Sure with more killing, rape and torture. It is obvious here that the Ambassador himself is just another victim.

In my View the “Ambassador” has missed a great opportunity. He should have looked straight to the camera and said: Yes, these are all true..Our people are subjected to inhumane treatment by the Ethiopian regime every single day and then appeal to the international community for assistance to his people. Unfortunately he missed that moment of truth.

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