mel5The Ogaden Somali community in Pacific held their annual meeting between 5th and 6th of April in Melbourne, Australia. This annual conference, which has unique importance in this year, was attended by the all six communities that come under the umbrella of the pacific zone. Besides, the Somali Ogaden members who packed the venue, the conference was participated by high ranking ONLF leaders such as the speaker of the organization of ONLF Mr. Cadaani Hirmooge, the community coordinator of the pacific, members of central committees of ONLF and all  executive committee of the pacific community.

The main purpose of this meeting was to evaluate the achievements of the community for the past years and the coming one. After a long discussion, the community passed new important resolutions, and the followings are the points that have been agreed on:

  • To accelerate the activities of the community in order to meet the challenges that the community is facing
  • To give full support to the struggle that is going on in Ogaden and strengthens the unity between inside and outside communities.
  • To be aware of the conspiracy and cheap propaganda campaign in which Woyane regime and its puppets are trying to confuse community’s members in order to sabotage the self-determination movement led by ONLF.

Strong message

The conference has sent a strong message to the international community, governmental and non-governmental organizations such as UN, European Union, African Union, Arab Union, the regional organization IGAD and all donor countries, urging them to stop the hidden genocide in Ogaden committed by Ethiopian regime. The Pacific community specifically demanded the UN to fulfill its responsibility by holding the Woyane regime accountable for the crimes they committed against Somali Ogaden civilians.

 Message of gratitude

The conference has also sent a message of appreciation to the members of the ONLF who put their lives on the line to remove the brutal regime from Ogadenland and courageous Ogaden people who always support the Ogaden cause unconditionally.

Strong warning

Pacific community is also sending a strong warning to the Oil Companies that are trying to exploit the Somali Ogaden natural resources without indigenous people’s consent or before everlasting political settlement is reached.  Don’t try to take advantage of the current situation and heed to the baseless misinformation given by the Addis Ababa regime that they can guarantee your safety.

By Ali Yare/ONA.


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