INSIDE OGADEN:  In this report, we shall discuss, analyse and give an over view on the situation in Ogaden particularly, Ethiopia’s free press ban in the region and it’s military hostility. We as Qorahay Media Journalist Group,aim to share with the World two major areas; which separated the Ogaden region from the rest of the Globe. This issues are respectively; The banning of the Free press and the Sanctioning of the Humanitarian Aid. In our report, we would uncover the Human right abuses faced by our Journalists and other International media reporters who risked their lives and attempted to cover the untold stories inside Ogaden. Lastly, we would be finalizing this report with a press release and appeal to the World and the International community that, we as Qorahay Media Journalist Group suffer in the hands of the Ethiopian troops as the regime declared, the Ogaden region  as a ”NO-GO ZONE”

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