IHASA is pleased to announce the release of the first academic conference proceedings on the Somali Ogaden question. To purchase a copy of the book, please contact us at one of the following numbers:

Minneapolis, 612 227 8621 or 612 310 5936, San Diego, 619 788 2916, Denver, 303 564 1591, or email request to info@ihasa.org

Excerpts from the Editorial page of the book (By Faisal Roble and Dr.Bereket Habte Selassie)

“AHMED GURAY MA UU DHIMAN, MA GABLAMIN DARWIISHKII GEENYADU MA DAALAN” goes a revolutionary Somali Song. When translated, it says “AHMED GURAY DID NOT DIE, THE DERVISH LEGACY GOES ON, AND THE WARRIOR’S HORSE IS NOT TIRED!” The June 18th to 20th, 2010 conference, which the Institute of Horn of Africa Studies and Affairs (IHASA) organized, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, under the broad heading of “Looking Back and Looking Forward: The Somali Region (the Ogaden) in the 21st Century,” stands as a living testimony to the undying revolutionary spirit of the Somali Ogaden in pursuit of social justice, freedom and respect for their human rights.



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