It is a great honour for me to address such a distinguished audience. I convey the best wishes and deeply felt appreciation from the Ogaden people and the ONLF leadership to those who made this conference possible, those who are taking part and those who took their valuable time to attend this meeting. In particular, I thank the Honourable Members of the European Parliament who are hosting this conference for the sake of democracy and the rights of all in Ethiopia.

This conference is held at a historic moment when the Ethiopian authoritarian regime is preparing to stage a bogus election in order to get another mandate to continue its authoritarian and abusive rule for another five years, whilst posturing as a democratic state and getting legitimacy to continue to receive international aid and support. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands in Ethiopia are languishing in prisons, tortured, raped, detained arbitrarily, starved and dehumanized beyond description.

In Ogaden, the Ethiopian regime has gone beyond all acceptable conduct expected from a government that claims that its sovereignty is based on the will of the people in its constitution. The Ogaden people are under-going a well-planned and systematically carried out genocide.

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