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On 27th April, a day that is so dear to black South Africans marks the 21st anniversary of South Africa freedom day. A day which the black South Africans debunked the hey days of apartheid era of white minority rule which subjected the indigenous blacks as slavery and denied their national cake was commemorated. The South Africa president Jacob Zuma delivered a key note speech and reminisced the companionship he had with the fallen heroes of ANC freedom movement. Ululation and gun salute observed for this great day.  Racial segregation and atrocious practices of apartheid system were remembered; equally a tribute was made in respect to all the dead freedom fighters and the victims of apartheid system.

Ogaden Community in South Africa was there to chronicle the entire event to draw a lesson in painful moments which as a community has suffered directly or indirectly under the bloody regime of EPRDF in its collective punishment to coerce the Ogaden people at large to irrationally wishful interest of Ethiopia- a divide and rule approach policies. Ogaden Community in South Africa are mostly members of the brutalized and victims back home; many of them with scars on their bodies.  The ANC’s famous slogan of “Together we can do more” which possibly paved the way the victory of the African National Congress to root out hideous practices of the apartheid government inspired all members of Somali people from the horn of Africa. The Somali elders approached Ogaden community and pledged unbridled Support to Ogaden cause to help get rid of lame-duck colonial mentality of distasteful and illegitimate colonization of Ethiopia.





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