For about two decades, Amin Amir used his pen to advance Somali interests, commending and encouraging anyone who was doing any useful work for the Somali people, and at the same criticizing the corrupt, and incompetent Somali politicians. Amin Amir was able to do all of that because he was credible and had the trust of the Somali people. Trust and credibility are precious commodities that are very difficult to establish, but very easy to lose. If one is not careful, a credibility that took years and decades to build, could go down the drain overnight. When you lose your credibility, you would lose the trust of your people. And when you lose the trust of your people, it is nearly impossible to regain it.

Therefore it was truly shocking to see Amin Amir, the uncompromising Somali patriot making 180 degree turn, and singing the praises of Abdi Omer Iley, the butcher of Somali Galbeed, claiming in his cartoon that Abdi Iley is developing the region. What development is Amin talking about here? There may be few roads in and around Jigjiga, but look at the rest of the region. Besides, if Somali-galbeed is so peaceful and stable, why has Abdi Iley banned the international media, and international charitable organizations such as the Red Cross and the Doctors Without-Borders from setting a foot in the region? If you have a peaceful and stable region, wouldn’t you want the international media and the rest of humanity to see your successes? Naturally, you would. However the truth of the matter is that Abdi Iley knows that Somali-galbeed is a horror house, and that is the only reason he doesn’t want the rest of the humanity to see his awful crimes.

The closest major town to Jigjiga is Dhagahbour, and it is a ghost town in spirit and development. There isn’t a single family in Dhagahbour that a member of it isn’t either killed, tortured, raped, or rotting in Abdi Iley’s horrific dungeons in Jigjiga. What goes for Dhagahbour goes for the rest of the towns and villages, where scorched policy is the norm, not the exception.

This Abdi Iley fellow is not an unknown quantity that Amin Amir isn’t familiar with. On the contrary, he knows Abdi Iley’s crimes and cruelty better than most Somalis. Before he started changing his tunes, as the second cartoon illustrates, Amin, the conscious of the Somali people, depicted Abdi Iley as blood thirsty, dim witted, and shameless that is devoid of noble human characteristics. And now all of a sudden, Amin started singing the praises of the very butcher he was blasting not so long ago.

Now the question is, what is going on? And what happened to Amin Amir?

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