The Ethiopian regime conducted its habitual election ritual which it conducts every five years in May 24, 2015. This election ritual is conducted for the benefit of external forces that need to justify their support for this decadent, corrupt and pariah regime. Usually an election is conducted by people to elect their leaders freely so that a representative government is put in power that takes care of the interests of its people. But in Ethiopia, elections are not held in order for the people to exercise their democratic rights to renew their leadership and make them account to the people. Instead, in Ethiopia, elections are held so that foreign donors can justify pouring millions of their taxpayers money to a regime that is on record for committing heinous crimes against its own people including detaining journalists, raping women and humiliating whole societies.  Thus, these supporters are complicit in denying the peoples in Ethiopia democratic rights, which they cannot dare deny their own people.

Thus,  the regime has now declared that it has won the all the seats in the current election- that is 100% of the votes! It is very clear winning 99.6%% in the last election was not enough to bolster its confidence and this year it needed to win 100% of the votes in order to avoid  the embarrassment that come with the last election by having one opposition party member in the parliament. What a demented insecure mentality.

However, it is well-known that all genuine opposition were barred from succeeding in getting votes, by throwing away “all wrong votes” and replacing them with the EPRDF votes. Just before the elections, the regime sent its agents to harass, intimidate and at times eliminate the new and old opposition parties members. These agents became active members of the parties for few months and then later declared a splinter party. So, in every opposition party, splinter groups  were deliberately planted by the regime who created further confusion. The whole idea of having opposition groups take part in the elections was just to legitimise its intended clean sweep.

In Ogaden, the situation is even more macabre. The “president” of the region listed all the candidates composed of his close relatives and presented a list of 50% men and 50% women as the newly elected members of the regional parliament and the Federal parliament. There were no opposition parties allowed even to compete and every member of parliament is somehow related to the regional “president”-A parliament of nieces, nephews, uncles, in-laws, close  relatives and relatives of relatives.

The regime in Ethiopia and its apologists may keep crying loudly the mantra that Ethiopia has 11% growth rate, that the country is developing, that there is democracy, etc. However, the reality is that the people in Ethiopia are suffering under a brutal ruthless regime that is starving  the majority of the people, just for their believes,  while a clan-clique at the helm is enriching itself at the expense of the multitude. What is even more worrying is how unjust is the international community. Just few days ago the UNHRC issued a report about Eritrean government transgression of the Human Rights of its people. Why is Eritrea, which has been embargoed, sanctioned, isolated and is being deliberately dismantled is put constantly on the spotlight on dubious allegations, while Ethiopia, which was proven by reliable sources with irrefutable evidences- including journalists, Human righst groups, and victims have that it is committing grave human rights violations against its own people is never mentioned by the UN system.

Hundreds of thousands had sought refugee from Ethiopia and no one mentions that. However, unlike Eritrea, Ethiopia has no sanctions imposed but instead receives billions in foreign aid!, why millions go hungry, abused and seeking refugee elsewhere. Hundreds of reports about the Human rights transgression by the regime in Ogaden and Ethiopia from the UNHRC Human Rights review systems are languishing in the archives and UNHRC never issued a single report about Ethiopia. That clearly indicates that UNHRC acts only when certain powers are interested in chastising a country. Now it is very clear that the whole Human Rights system is a sham that services the interests of certain superpowers and is not for safeguarding humanity against the adversity of tyranny and the excesses of blood-thirsty rulers, like the current Ethiopian regime.

The real message the people in Ethiopia are receiving from the International community is that they don’t count and they have no rights in the eyes of the UN and the international community. Therefore, the only way to deal with their problem is not to expect any help outside but take matters into their own hands, cooperate and get rid of this nefarious regime themselves. The current result is the  unequivocal verdict of the nature of the regime in Ethiopia.




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