On 18 July 2015 the Ethiopian military carried out a mass arrest imprisoning more than 30 nomadic families in the Nulxan area of Gunagado, Jarar.
During this mass campaign arrest, Ethiopian forces confiscated the properties of the civilians in their entirety including their livestock. This consisted of 5,000 goats and sheep as well as 300 camels.
According to the Ogaden News Agency, 150 people were arrested and taken to makeshift prisons in Gunagado city and were later taken to other prisons in the region where Ethiopian forces hold and torture civilians.
A 90 year old man named Mr Ibrahim Abdi Said along with 20 members of his family which also included his 70-year-old brother Ahmednur Abdi Said were among the civilians transported to Gunagado prison.
The families of Abdullahi Ali Nuur and Mahad Sugule were also among the 30 families taken from their homes to the Ethiopian prisons where they will be tortured and possibly killed. The reason for their arrest is unknown, however it is common practice for Ethiopian soldiers to routinely carry out a scorched earth policy to terrorise and intimidate the local civilian population.



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