There has been a severe increase in the number of civilians murdered in the Ogaden.

shoot to kill ogadenThese killings are committed in a manner that inflicts a tremendous amount of pain such as running a civilian over with a vehicle. Further, many die from torture, shootings and mass shooting as well as starving individuals until they die. Those are examples of ways that innocent civilians are murdered in the Ogaden region and in the month that has just passed, occupying Ethiopian forces have killed a large number of civilians in a number of districts.

In the town of Dhagaxbuur, a man named Axmed Cali Nuur was run over by occupying Ethiopian forces, the vehicle took his life on 28th of July 2015 .

Other civilians who have been put through an unimaginable amount of terror include a woman named Hinda Abdullahi Gaab, Ethiopian forces attempted to rape her thereupon subjecting her to severe torture. This incident occurred on the 26th of July 2015 in Huusaale which is part of Fiiq.

Also in Fiiq town in an area named Haardhagax, a woman named Shugri Muxumed and her daughter were kidnapped by occupying Ethiopian forces on July 20th 2015. Their location or if indeed they’re alive or dead is still unknown.

Atrocities such as killing, rape, torture and the vast amount of violence that is committed in the Ogaden region is one which the world does not report on, this is despite the fact that the Ethiopian government intensifies its violence and horror on the defenceless civilian population in the Ogaden with every day that goes by.


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