The truth is there are many survivors of genocide, children of survivors, ethnic cleansing, gang rap that are now American Citizens. They are speaking out for those who are voiceless in Ogadenia. We want to draw attention to the serious issues that are happening in Ogadenia and educate the rest of the world about the situation. Many citizens took a step forward and shared their experiences during in Meles’s regime. If you do not know something is happening in Ogadenia then mostly likely, you will not care about it.

Dr. Laura Hughes, a high school teacher, said that these students hoped their actions would help stop future genocide. “I know that young people have an impact on this world especially when people see that they have an interest.” “It will raise more awareness.” “ “We should add that education in school through classroom teachings and club events would help increase knowledge about the genocide happening places like Ogadenia.”


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