Dated on September 13, 2011

Ogaden Refugee Community (ORC) living in Kenya has asked the UNHCR to consider relocating them to a safer third country.

The group was led by the Ogaden Refugee Community board of directors. This comes after some members of them were killed in Nairobi, Garissa and IFO Refugee Camp in what is confirmed to be an extension of the conflict between the Ogaden and Ethiopia government.
An official of Ogaden Refugee Community in Kenya, said that they held a meeting with the top official of UNHCR- Kenya, who included; officers from UNHCR Country Representative Protection Unit, Community services Unit, Eligibility Unit. As well as we extended Pamphlets for introduction of Ogaden History with Ogaden Refugee Community Reports.

“We told UNHCR that Ethiopian government spies and assassins have followed us into Kenya.” This was in reference to the killing of an Ogaden refugee in Ifo Refugee camp, Garissa Town and Nairobi’s Eastleigh estate;

• On February 5 2011, unknown assailants shot dead Kamas Dhabar Jibarte, while seriously wounding Roble Muse in IFO- Dadaab Refugee Camp in Northern Eastern Kenya.
• On February 18 2011, Sh. Mohamed Dubad was assassinated in Garissa, the Capital of Kenyan North Eastern Province.
• On June 20, 2011, Mr. Abdi Abdullahi was abducted in Nairobi and he was found strangled the next day, dumped near an isolated depot.
• On August 19 2011, Abdirizak Mohamed Abdi (Tiba), was shot in IFO- Dadaab Refugee Camp in Northern Eastern Kenya. Although the Murderer is in the Nairobi High Court, after the Further investigations regarding the other assassination cases were confirmed the murderer from Ethiopia government”
• On September 5, 2011 , Abdi Kafi Ismail was abducted in Nairobi and edited that Abdi Kafi was killed by the Ethiopian Somali language websites such xaajo – click hear -, ,,, although the assassination was not succeeded. But the cases are still on going, one more was arrested by Kenya police.

The Ogaden people have had a half century conflict with the government of Ethiopia. Most of them have sought refuge in Kenya, Europe Australia and united state of America.

ORC says The common thread in all these assassinations is that all the deceased were outspoken opponents of the Ethiopian regime of Meles Zenawi at one time or another. The terroristic acts against Ogaden political figures and refugee in the neighbouring countries will escalate the already deleterious conflict to new dimensions and endanger the security of the whole region.

ORC recommended and urged to UNHCR , DRA(department of Refugee affairs in Kenya ) and other institution to understand the only durable solution of Ogaden Refugee Community in Kenya both Urban refugee and Refugee in Refugee Camps is Resettlement of Third country because of Ogaden Refugee community in Kenya is under threat of more assassination and organised crimes from Ethiopia government”
They are scheduled to meet the UNHCR officials next time for a conclusive discussion.



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