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October 22, 2015

Five Organisations struggling for the right of self-determination and democary in Ethiopia have started a conference today in Oslo, Norway. The Benishangul Peoples Liberation Movement, The Gambela Peoples Liberation Movement, the Oromo Liberation Front, the Ogaden National Liberation Front and the Sidama National Liberation Front are holding a meeting in order to finalise the creation of The Peoples’ Alliance fior Freedom and Democracy (PAFD).

In the meeting, which will continue until Saturday, the organisations will hammer out a statute for the Alllaince and strategic plan for creating a resoprestative order in Ethiopia that meets the aspirations and needs of all nations in Ethiopia and will guarantee the full exercise of self-determination and right of choice in Ethiopia.

The nations represented by these organisations and many others living under the current oppressive regime in Ethiopia that projects false façade of federalism and acceptance the right to self-determination, will set the process of joining forces in order to bring back the rights of their peoples that had beenm usurped by the successfive regimes in Ethiopia.

Members from the leaderships, women’s organisations, youth organisations, and diaspora communities.


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