Protests organized in unison by the Ogaden and the Ethiopian communities in Europe today took place in London, United Kingdom (UK). The protests were led by Ogaden Somalis from many parts of the UK. Present also were communities from Somalia, Oromia, Amhara and Sidama.

The protests took place at the Imperial College of London at around 1:00 PM local time. The protesters appeared very well organized. They also
seemed to know exactly what to say, how to say it, and whom to direct their visible anger. Some of the memorable slogans sang in many languages
by the protesters included ‘Xaar Wayaano- Wayano Excrement’ and ‘Time is up For Meles, the Woyane Tyrant.’

The protesters appeared very proud being there, while the so-called participants of the meeting were seen going into the meeting venue very dejected, embarrassed, and many were looking down to avoid any eye contact with the protesters.

Shortly after the protests started, the protesters decided to storm the meeting hall inside the college. They all moved as if they knew exactly when to move which did not give the police any chance to prevent them from storming the meeting hall. Having the seen the incoming angry crowd, many of the meeting attendees started running in many directions. The man who organized the meeting, a man nicknamed Saalo Woyane, hid himself inside
the main kitchen near the meeting hall.

Some of those who escaped the meeting hole reached the Ethiopian embassy which was a short distance away. The police succeeded in taking away the so-called meeting organizers whom they took them to the Ethiopian embassy.

Some of the protesters gave chase to those that were fleeing up until they entered the Ethiopian embassy. The protesters who stormed the meeting did not stop at the college, but they also all went to the Ethiopian embassy in order to storm the embassy as well. However, the police were able to
stop the protesters from entering the embassy.

The police convinced the protesters to stay around the embassy, but prevented them from entering the embassy. The Ethiopian ambassador asked
the police to move the protesters away from the embassy and its environs in the hope of convening the meeting there. However, the police refused to move the protesters claiming that such an action would incense the crowd and certainly would tip the balance in a

Ogaden and other Ethiopian Protesters Storm Woyana Meeting in London

volatile situation.

The so-called meeting attendees stayed inside the embassy and could not succeed in starting the meeting due to the excessive noise emanating from the protesters standing outside every corner of the embassy. Neither could they leave the premise in the fear that they could be harmed by the

Only when the protesters peacefully dispersed at around 7:00 PM local time did the so-called meeting attendees braved coming outside. Many were
observed being very dejected. Some were arguing amongst themselves as the reasons why the so-called meeting conveners only spoke in Amharic which many of these individuals neither spoke nor understood.

This is not the first such protests waged against the Woyane regime. Such protests took place so far in many cities in North America. In every city
where such protests took place, the protesters were successful in disrupting such meeting whose aim was to disseminate Woyane propaganda about investment in a land where its leader, Meles Zenawi, has lately been on the news asking for emergency food aid.

Although the Ogaden Somali communities have always opposed and protested against such Woyane meetings, however what is new is the unity shown by those who oppose the Woyane regime in Addis Ababa. Also new this time is the resourcefulness and organization shown by all these communities in protesting and disrupting Woyane propaganda meetings throughout Europe and North America.

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