By Ahmed Abdi

The pro-Ethiopian administration established in Hargaisa arrested at least 11 civilians from Ogaden region. All of them are women and children including an infant, Ogaden News Agency (ONA) reported on Saturday.

The Hargaisa administration arrested and detained a dozen of innocent women and children including an infant. Four others were disappeared earlier; believed to be handed over to Ethiopia,” said the source.

According to ONA, it is not the first time that the administration established in the northwestern Somalia has handed over civilians from Ogaden region to Ethiopia, where they face torture and long detention.

These detained civilians will likely be extradited to the Ethiopian government, it added.

This administration has a continuing record of detaining and extraditing people from Ogaden region to appease Addis Ababa.

An Ogaden National Liberation Front Press released on October 11, 2015, stated that the Somaliland handed over two Ogadenis from Ogaden to Ethiopia.

The ONLF statement said Mr. Ahmed Sheikh Muhumed Omar and Mr. Kayd Mohamed Askar were traveling to Southern Somaliland on their way to the Kenyan refugee camps.

“The relatives of the two victims contacted the administration and the elders in Hargaisa and were given assurances that the detainees will be released.”

However, after signing a new one-sided security agreement with the Ethiopian regime in Dire Dawa in August this year, the administration in Hargaisa is now proving its loyalty to the Ethiopian regime by starting again the handing over of civilians from Ogaden  to the Ethiopian government, the ONLF said.

The Hargaisa administration shares Somalis from Ogadenia, like any other Somali speaking inhabitants, language, culture, ethnicity, religion and even border, but favored Ethiopia over Ogadenis and has been repeatedly handing over Somalis From Ogaden region to Ethiopian Security forces over the past 10 years. Those extradited to Ethiopia have been detained, tortured, executed in this way or coerced into confessing or naming family members accused of supporting the Liberation movement, The Ogaden National Liberation Front, who were in return arrested, tortured and killed.




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