Recently, I read an article by Dr. Aklog Birara, Ph.D. The article is well written revisionist history and doesn’t stand up well against the known facts. Before, I address the point of contention about the article; let me quote some of the Dr. Birara short article.

“What best describes Ethiopia and Ethiopians is that they are the sole creators of a mosaic of nations and nationalities that defended the national independence and territorial integrity of the country for thousands of years. This Ethiopian made multi-nation building was not imposed by colonial powers. At various times in history, all Ethiopians contributed to the formation of this mosaic.”

Dr.Birara is willfully ignorant of the fact that Ethiopia was not only created by European colonialists but the face of modern Ethiopia, Menelik, is the only dark skinned person to participate the division of Africa in Berlin conference. In fact, Ethiopia was created the invasion of the Abyssinian highlander to the low land of Cushitic people with the help of the colonial powers.

The Abyssinians invaded and conquered Harar 1987 and annexed Ogaden 1954 after secret treaties between Britten and Abyssinian rulers at the time after committing a massacre in Ogaden and Oromo but Dr. Birara put the all the crimes that was committed by the name of Ethiopia just the current regime which is the worst one in some aspect. Dr. Birara implies, falsely, people that were subjected and forcefully annexed their land were indeed happy participants of their subjection.

In conclusion, Dr. Birara main objective in this fictional article is A) Ignore all historical facts and re-create a version of Ethiopian history that only exists in his imagination and B) Bury all past crimes committed and blame it on what he called the normal development of states and blame current atrocities on the TPLF(and rightly so). It is obvious that the Dr’s main goal is to substitute the TPLF to a different version of Ahmara led regime. Fortunately, those days are over… the sooner he realizes that, the better for all!

by Abdulaziz Ugaas



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