What a regime is that? It deploys anti aircraft against unarmed demonstrators in Oromia. It is time for the world condemn this jungle regime. It does not understand what peaceful demonstration is.  The regime is in fear of even leaves moving by wind. Anti aircraft for what? Or is that pens and papers turned out to be aircraft? Shame on you, TPLF!  For Oromo and oppressed nationalities in Ethiopia, this year’s resolution is to turn over a new leaf. Enough is enough to wild regime. No more brandishing anti aircraft. 

This picture was taken, today, in Oromia



The deployment of anti aircraft by the TPLF fascist thugs Army of Ethiopia shows that they invaded by fear. The history of all fascist dictatorial regimes shows and proved that when they cannot rule their subject by fear, when their subjects defeated the fear factors, the brutal dictators get scared. This is what happened in Ethiopia.
Imagine that, they declared mass killings, mass arrest, rapes, kidnapping and torturing any Oromo whom they arrest, why they deployed anti aircraft against the peaceful #Oromoprotests?

All brutal dictators fear the mass when the people defeated fear and became fearless.

Now, every individual Oromo believes that , the killing of one Oromo by the TPLF fascist thugs Army is as the killing of 45 millions in the Horn of Africa.The Oromo people reached the stages of nation hood- “one for all, all for one” History has been made by the people not by “strong men or fascist thugs army”. The Oromo nation will be making it’s own glorious history sooner by its own tangibly sources of power


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