Tinsae Ethiopia members, in collaboration with other political groups, and residents and businessmen in Addis Ababa, are spreading BEKA slogan to express the message that Ethiopia has enough of Meles Zenawi’s 20 years of misrule. This morning, youth groups were busy painting BEKA in several areas of Addis Ababa, as the photos below show. Due to heavy security presence, we were able to get photos only from Autobus Tera area. We are also waiting for photos from Ambo and other towns.






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  1. Mustafa says:

    This is delayed great vision of ethiopia people to clear out meles zenawi of black colonism in ethiopia woyane must go back to Drought-Mekele .
    We hope all ethiopian community in the country nd out the country must stand together to remove misrule of dictatorship last 20 years

    we support BEKA


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