OLF Leadership of WA receive senior members of ONLF and Ogaden Community Members of the ONLF Executive Committee, ONLF Vice-Chairman Dr Mohammed Ismail Omar and Spokesperson Mr Abdulkadir Hirmoge, and senior members of the Ogaden Community of the Pacific, including secretary Mr Aden Ibrahim, were today hosted and welcomed by the OLF leadership of WA. The meeting represented the 3rd day and culmination of the 10th Annual Conference of the Ogaden Communities of the Pacific, which brought together a number interstate and international speakers, as well as a number of prominent members of the greater Western Australian communities, including representatives of various NGOs and the Western Australian Parliament. During meeting, both sides affirmed their support of each other’s causes and agreed to continue their efforts in knowledge-sharing whilst continuing to demonstrate solidarity in their promotion and awareness-raising of the extensive and pervasive human rights abuses being perpetrated in both Oromia and the Ogaden by the Ethiopian regime. High on the agenda was the status and momentum of the struggle of the Oromo people against the “Addis Ababa Master Plan” and Ethiopia’s overall “development” strategy, which effectively represents a blueprint to annex large swathes of Oromo land with reports that the master plan will displace hundreds of thousands if not potentially millions of Oromo farmers. Both groups also discussed the recent efforts of the Ethiopian regime – In collaboration with the Djibouti government and Chinese enterprises – to illegally develop and exploit the natural resources of the Ogaden people, some of the most vulnerable people on the continent. Both groups strongly condemned the aforementioned activities of the Ethiopian government whereby it was resolved that these actions represented grave human rights violations and that both parties would continue to work effortlessly to secure justice and peace for the Ogaden and Oromo whilst at the same time ensuring the perpetrators are held accountable for their violations.12884496_1071274762932388_1453452424_n 12899733_1071274819599049_1564352304_n



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