Press release                                                                                                             July 18, 2016

Unfounded Accusation of Peace Talks with Ethiopian Government

Afar People’s Party (APP) is writing to retort baseless allegations, and false assertions directed to it with regard to alleged peace talk with the Ethiopian government. Spreading intentional but unfounded rumours that target political organisations seems to be a growing phenomenon, and APP has been victim to such allegations on Facebook by individuals with pseudo-names. Our IT team has successively identified the IP-addresses that belongs to Facebook pseudo-names of the individuals who circulate the rumours. These individuals are well known among Afars not only for their erratic and self-absorbed behaviours but also as collaborators with the repressive and tyrannical Woyane regime. Their name will be made public after finalising the ongoing process of lawsuit.

This rumour is startling due to an article published by the Indian Ocean Newsletter (ION); No 1431, on July 15, 2016, “Afar talks began in Ryad”. It’s regrettable that ION that has a good reputation becomes an outlet for frustrated individuals rather than following its journalistic ethics based on credible sources. Consequently, APP provides the following information to refute unsubstantiated allegations, which was meant merely to tarnish its reputation and undermine Afar peoples quest for social justice and rule of law in Ethiopia.

  • Factually no meeting has been held in Saudi Arabia with the Ethiopian government. Our organisation is transparent and any decision made will be communicated publicly both to the Afar people and our allies.
  • APP would like to reassure activists, our supporters and our political allies to ignore this politically motivated news stunt and reject a blatant propaganda with aim to divert attention from the ongoing struggle for freedom and justice.
  • APP is against the ongoing repression, land grabbing, human rights abuse and looting of natural resource by the regime and its affiliates, while the majority Afars are lingering in an absolute poverty. Our people deserves better and we have a cause to die for, but no reason to negotiate with dictators while the repression and killings are taking place in Afar, Gondar, Oromia, Ogaden and elsewhere in Ethiopia.


Long live the struggle for freedom!

Afar People’s Party


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