A joint public meeting called by Ogaden, OLF, and Ginbot 7 was held in atlanta with hundreds in attendance. Dubbed as a first of its kind by the attendees and the organizers, the meeting was one of the most successful public meetings in recent memory.

The meeting started with a minute of silence for the remembrance of fallen Ethiopians as they struggled for demcracy and freedom. Mr. Abdul hakim of Ogaden National Liberation Front was the first speaker in the meeting that also featured Mr. Jemal Gelchu of OLF and Dr. Berhanu Nega, chairman of Ginbot 7. Mr. Abdulhakim affirmed that Ogaden’s struggle is not only for the Ogadenians but it is also to help all fellow Ethiopians in their struggle against a tyrannical government. In his remarkable speech, he also noted that all Ethiopians of all backgrounds need to grasp the Ogaden cause as an ethiopian cause and the ongoing atrocities in the ogaden region should concern all Ethiopians. To the delight of all the public, Mr. Abdulhakim stated that ONLF’s struggle is an Ethiopian struggle and confirmed that ONLF is more than ready to cooperate with other parties to wage a strong move towards achieving greater freedom and a democratic system.

Mr. Jemal Gelchu was the second speaker of the meeting.. Mr. Jemal affirmed that OLF is more than ready to work with all Ethiopians towards getting our country back from the corrupt and divisive leaders that are terrorizing all Ethiopians of all ages and backgrounds. He clearly told to the audience that it is in OLF’S interest to work with all Ethiopians who aspire to change the current government in any means possible. As Mr. Abdulhakim, Jemal agreed in focusing about the future instead of debating the past history.

The third and last speaker of the meeting, was Dr. Berhanu Nega of Ginbot 7. In his extraordinary speech, Berhanu explained his analysis of the current trend of of revolutions across north Africa and the middle east and underlined the importance of the time in opening a new chapter in Ethiopian politics is an urgency of now. Dr. Berhanu once again affirmed his commitment in working with ONLF, OLF and other interested parties or movements in waging a united effort towards the new road to freedom and democracy. Dr. Berhanu has also expressed his opinion in the current headlines that come out of the Woyane propoganda machines concerning the growth and transformation plan that they are tirelessly talking about and the building of the nile river dam. Dr. Berhanu explained that the most desperate tyrants in Addis Ababa are trying different games in order to garner the support of Ethiopians by diverting their attention from freedom and democracy to such baseless issues that do not serve any thing other than robbing poor Ethiopians of their hard earned money by forcing them to purchase government bonds that will not guarantee any profit to the buyers. The mind games of woyanes against the Ethiopian people once again will not work, according to Berhanu.

At the end, the speakers answered questions to the satisfaction of the audience.



  1. sugulle says:

    Good! sidaasaa la rabaa halkaas kasii wada oo cadowgaaga cadowgiis waa Saaxiibkaa!!

  2. A/Hassan says:

    It is a great news for the oppressed peoples to see their leaders joined hands with one another against their a cursed oppressor who kept them divided so long.

    No doubt, the TPLF led feeble regime, which has been thriving on oppression, will not withstand such a solidarity; it’s days are numbered!!


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