Ogaden Somali community in South Africa (OSCSA) is organizing an annual meeting event in Pretoria. It is our pleasure to inform to the media houses to know about it. The Ogaden Somali is nonprofit Community organization advocates rights of immigrates and it is a show case of marginalized and victims of human right violation in Ethiopia particularly Ogaden.

Interestedly, many people wake up the volatile situation of Ethiopia and unexpectedly governing system malting down in Ethiopia and still not clear the tensions between the people and government. The ogaden community will be hosting two experts that unpack Horn of Africa geopolitics and dramatic change comes to Ethiopia. It is member of founders and vice chairman of Ogaden national liberation front (ONLF) Honorable Mohamed Ismael Omar who was in Ethiopia politics for last 40 years had great knowledge , will give you sight-full stories about current situation and what is the root cause of the violent that have been seen recently. There is also a member of executive committee and secretary of the information department of ONLF, Honorable Hassan Moalin who knows Ethiopia politics very well will be the speaker at our event as well.
The aim of the meeting is to brief and give first hand information to media houses and other relevant bodies that are interesting in. it is also important of our community to create awareness about dire situation in Ogaden region that is isolated rest of the Ethiopia for many years .

If anyone wants to have interview with them it is our pleasure and will give a chance in due course.
Venue: 225 Maltsam Street Pretoria West
Date: 27-28- October 2016
Time: 09:00 am
For more information please contact
Mohamed Dahir Adan
Director Of Ogaden Somali Community in South Africa


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